ICBUW Coalition Memberへのリンク
CADU  Popular
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (UK)

CARE  Popular
Campaign Against Radiation Exposure (Japan)

Center for Peace and Justice  Popular
Center for Peace and Justice, Albuquerque, New Mexico (US)

For Mother Earth  Popular
For Mother Earth (Belgium)

Grassroots Actions for Peace  Popular
Grassroots Actions for Peace (US)

IALANA  Popular
International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (Germany)

IDUST  Popular
International Depleted Uranium Study Team

IPPNW Germany  Popular
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War

LAKA Foundation  Popular
Documentation and Research Centre on Nuclear Energy (The Netherlands)

Military Toxics Project  Popular
The Military Toxics Project (MTP) is a US based national network of groups working to clean up military pollution, safeguard the transportation of hazardous materials, and advance pollution prevention at US Department of Defense installations.  

NO DU Hiroshima  Popular
Hiroshima Project for a Ban on Depleted Uranium Weapons (Japan)

Peacelink  Popular

RISQ  Popular
RISQ WebsiteRISQ (Review of International Social Questions) is an independent foreign policy think tank.

Stop USA  Popular
Stop USA Belgium

VD/AMOK  Popular
VD/AMOK (The Netherlands)

国際キャンペーン賛同団体へのリンク(ICBUW-friends)  2005.2.13現在
ACV-CSC Brussels  Popular
Christan Labour Union (Belgium)

ANT-Hiroshima  Popular
Asian Network of Trust in Hiroshima (Japan)

Arab Net for Research on Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War 
Works on Landmines & Explosive Remnants of War Awareness and Victims Assistance (Syria)

Association for Peace Exchange with Indian and Pakistani Youth  Popular
(Japan) Director: Haruko Moritaki.

BANDU  Popular
Arizona (US)

Baring Witness  Popular
(United States) Representatives Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell.

Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation  Popular
(United Kingdom)

Campaign Against Depleted Uranium, Tokyo 
Contact: Ms. Chieko Tabe

Center for Safe Energy of the Earth Island Institute  Popular
Berkeley, California (US)

Children of Chernobyl Belarus 
The aim of the association is to provide all possible help to the children in the Belarus area (France)

Citizens' Group Against Nuclear Power Plants  Popular
Takarazuka, Japan

CSUN  Popular
Coalition for a Strong United Nations (US)

Edmonton Religious Society of Friends 
(Alberta, Canada) Contact: Ted Garver

Global Association for Banning DU Weapons  Popular

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space  Popular
GN Secretary/Co-ordinator: Bruce Gagnon

Global Peacemakers Association  Popular
Atlanta (US). Director: Steve Leeper

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action  Popular
Washington (US)

HANWA  Popular
Hiroshima Alliance for Nuclear Weapons Abolition (Japan). HANWA is the umbrella association of anti-nuclear groups in Hiroshima.
Co-Directors: Mitsuo Okamoto, Goro Kawai, and Haruko Moritaki.

Hiroshima Earth Village 
(Japan) Director: Mr Hideo Kamei

Hiroshima High School Teachers' Union 
(Japan) Contact: Tamaki Kitamura

Hiroshima Speaks Out 
(Japan) Director: Mr Shinichi Suzuki

Human Shield Kobe 
(Japan) Director: Seiji Yoshimura

IICPH  Popular
International Institute of Concern for Public Health (Canada)

IIPDEP  Popular
Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament and Environmental Protection, Nagpur (India)

IPPNW Kyoto  Popular
Kyoto Physicians Association, Japan

Japan Congress Against A-and H-Bombs  Popular

KYN  Popular
Kosovo Youth Network

Mama Terra  Popular
(For Mother Earth, Romania)

Merrimack Valley People for Peace  Popular
(United States) Bobbie Goldman, President 

Mouvement Chretien pour la Paix Bruxelles  Popular
(Brussels, Belgium)

Nagasaki Testimonial Society  Popular
(Japan) Co-director: Mitsugi Moriguchi.

New Humanism Forum - Yokohama  Popular
(Japan). Director: Atsuteru Kiriya.

NO!! DU Sapporo Project 
(Japan) Director: Mr Shoji Kosaka

Nuclear Guardianship Project  Popular
Berkeley, California (US)

Environmental and peace action group with many articles on uranium weapons on their website, Wisconsin (US)

Osaka Medical Practitioners Association 
Anti-Nuclear/Peace Committtee (Japan) Contact: Mr Katsuyuki Takeda

Peace Movement Aotearoa  Popular
(New Zealand)

Project Ploughshares, Edmonton Chapter 
(Alberta, Canada) Contact: Bill and Rhyl Stollery, Co-Chairs.

Prorescate Vieques  Popular
The Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques (Puerto Rico)

PSR/IPPNW Switzerland  Popular
Physicians for Social Responsibility/the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Switzerland)

Roy Lynn Piepenburg 

Save the Earth Action '97  Popular

SEEDS India  Popular
Kerala (India)

SPADO  Popular
Sustainable Peace & Development Organization, Peshawar (Pakistan)

STOP! IDU Campaign, Tokyo 
(Japan) Director: Toshimasa Imai

The Article 9 Society, Hiroshima 
(Japan) Director: Mr Mitsuo Okamoto

The Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) 
Contact: Sammar Aziz

The Union of the Unemployed of Iraq (UUI) 
Iraqi Civil Resistance Front Director: Samir Adil

U238  Popular
Bosnia and Herzegovina suffer DU. Who is responsible?

Ukrainian Peacekeepers Association  Popular
‘Soldiers of Peace’ (Ukraine)


     The World Uranium Weapons Conference--
    Hamburg: October 16-19, 2003





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